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Doug's Auto Craft

With over 45 years experience in the automobile collision repair industry, I focus on total quality body & paint repairs for the individual that is repairing their vehicle with out of pocket expense & also work with their insurance carrier to make sure that a quality repair is done without corners cut due to the use of aftermarket or reconditioned parts that suffer in quality due to less quality of metals used & imported from China.

Some insurance policies are written with this clause inserted in order to use these parts & save them money on the repairs while your vehicle suffers the correct quality repair & you the customer has to deal with a less than stellar repair of their vehicle.

I also offer Plastic Media Blasting for safe paint removal for the older classic cars along with various other projects that one might be working on.

It is the safest way to remove old deteriorated paints, fillers & undercoatings without damaging the original surface of the metal, fiberglass or rubber surface.

Welding, fabrication, panel installation are all a part of the other services that I offer at my shop.