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                                                                                        RESTORATION 101 "FYI"
After over 40 years in the collision & restoration business I have to confess that a majority of folks out there that have a dream car they would like to do really have no idea about the process, the cost or the time factors involved in doing a vintage car correctly.

First I want to express that this is an informational write up and comes from my vast years of experience in the field.
I have worked on collisions and restorations both during the course of the last 40+ years. I have been ASE certified in many areas etc. but nothing will ever replace experience.

The most harmful, misleading information that anyone can receive is that which comes from entertainment TV programs coloring the process as easy, quick & inexpensive. It is not & never will be even if can do 75% of your vehicle yourself.
It will still cost at least twice as much as you think it will if not more & take 3-5 times longer than you ever imagined.

Most single individuals cannot do 100% of the work themselves so portions have to be contracted out to more professional, knowledgeable shops or people with that specific experience.
What they charge or the price they work for with this experience will most likely not be negotiable or the price you think it should be. Trying to cut someone's prices that are a skilled professional will only end in you not being happy or they won't do the job for you.
Anyone that works for less than they are worth are not true professionals. They are usually cut rate hacks that most likely can't or won't do the job correctly. I'm sure a lot of you people have encountered that in your life at one time or another. Those types of people are in every field of expertise out there. When someone tells me that this shop or that shop quoted them a less price then I tell them sounds like you need to take it to them if that's your key interest & not doing your vehicle correctly.

If you have a BUDGET, you can forget that figure or throw it out the window. The real definition of a budget on doing a true restoration on your dream vehicle is a figure you WISH you could get it done for, finished total etc. It is an ANOMALY!!!

No true restoration business will give you a contract finished price on your dream vehicle. All a shop can do is relate to you what the last vehicle they did cost the owner.
Restorations are not like buying tires, furniture or a used car that you can markup then negotiate the price down. All reputable restoration shops work by the hour on the vehicle until it's all finished & out the door. They can not do one correctly any other way.

All vehicles are different from start to finish. No two are exactly the same when it comes to doing the repairs. The body condition that is started with is what dictates the cost factors of the restoration, not your budget. Any reputable shop will tell you that. When it comes to repairs on your vehicle the shop will work off the cost of doing the vehicle not your budget. That is the sign of a true restoration business that do vehicles correctly.

If a shop actually gives you a firm quote to do your dream vehicle that you are happy with then beware because there will be processes left undone, short cuts involved & the end result may look good on the outside but a few months or years down the road you will have issues arise.

Hence comes the old saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR IN THIS LIFE" couldn't be more of a truer statement for restoration of your dream vehicle.

So beware if the shop does your vehicle on YOUR BUDGET, because you will not be happy at a later date unless you just like throwing money away. Any shop that works off your budget if it is not a very large budget will be closed very soon since they are going to remain profitable in order to survive & keep the doors open.

You as the consumer will be the one to pay the final price of your bad decisions of trying to do a restoration the correct way.
When you say or a shop says "OH THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH" then they and you both have short changed yourself & basically thrown your money away on a temporary repair on your dream that you hope will last 10-20 years of fun & enjoyment.

So be smart, do your research from the true pros, not TV or YouTube or from somebody that has done one vehicle by themselves on a forum & think they have all the answers.. Sorry but sadly they do not. Do your due diligence, keep an open mind & realize that having a vehicle done the correct way will be costly so save your money, find a reputable shop & pay the right people to get the job done correctly.
The world is full of people with no experience that have a good line & tell you they can do it all & cheaper than anyone else. They won't be around long & you will in the end.....................


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